Ocho Loco, Ocho Loco!

I just bought the Ocho Loco set @ UrbanDecay.com for $58.73!!!

I can't wait to get this beauty! :)

UPDATE: Here is my review!!


  1. Did you have the $5 off coupon for it? lol. Lucky you!

    1. yeah they sent the $5 off coupon code with a sticker when I ordered from their recent sale :) did you get your hands on this yet? i'm waiting for the vice palette!

    2. I think I'm going to pass of this. I have four of the shades already and the only one I want from this set is LSD, so I don't think I'm going to buy it. I'm just going to wait for the vice palette! lol

    3. ditto! i can't believe that I bought it.. haha I don't even wear eyeliners that much.. well any makeup in general >.< I just like collecting! any idea when the vice palette is coming out??

    4. It's worth the money though! If you don't have that many of their liners. I have the 15th anniversary liner set I bought over a year ago that I still have a lot of. lol. I heard sometime in October? I think NYC is supposed to have a September release of the Vice palette at a Sephora, like what they did for the Book of Shadows 3 two years ago.

    5. Definitely worth the $$$!! Urgh, lucky you! I just got into makeup not too long ago so I didn't get to snatch up the set.. I always look at it through blogs -sigh- hahah I'll keep on dreaming :P

      Oooh okay! I can't wait for the Vice Palette (even though they look like some of the colors UD already have). We'll just wait and see!