Review and Swatch: Benefit Finding Mr. Right Set

Have you found YOUR Mr. Right in life?
If you haven't, you can always settle down with Benefit's Mr. Bright for now ;)
Check out what I have to say about this set!

This set is really bright, fun, and beautiful with shades of hot pink and orange throughout the whole packaging.
It also has many figures of boys on the top and bottom with 'FINDING MR. BRIGHT' running on the sides.

Here are all the details of the items inside the set.

When you open the box, you can find a decent size mirror and a little booklet describing all of the items in the set.

It comes with 4 DELUXE sample size items.
There are a lot of products in all of them and I couldn't be happier because this is my first time trying Benefit and I am loving all of the items!

Girl Meets Pearl: (Size Received: 7.5 mL / 0.25 fl. oz):
It's a beautiful golden pink color that gives a 'DAMN I'M LOOKING GOOD TODAY'. It just makes your face glow without people looking at you saying, 'UGH, you're doing too much!' You can apply this all over your face or use this as a highlighter. (Left is heavily swatched and right is blended out)

Posie Tint: (Size Received: 4 mL / 0.13 fl. oz):
A bubble pink color that can be added to your cheeks for a perfect light blush or to your lips for a nice natural color. I only use this for my cheeks because this product DRIES out my lips. I really like how it's very light and you can build up the product as you like. (Heavily swatched)

High Beam: (Size Received: 2.5 mL / 0.08 fl. oz):
I heard so many raves about this product and now I know why. It's just an amazing highlighter and it really gives a nice glow. I apply this under my brow bone, the bridge of my nose, my cupid's bow, and a little bit on my chin. (Left is heavily swatched and right is blended out)

Erase Paste in No. 2 (Medium): (Size Received: 3.2 g / 0.11 oz):
Soooo creamy and easy to blend out. I really like this but I don't think that I'll be using it that much but if I do, I will pick up another one if I run out. This is my first concealer ever and I'm totally impressed. (Heavily swatched)

As a bonus, you can reuse the package! :)
I'll probably use it when I travel somewhere and pack a couple of tiny little things in it..
JK! I gave it to my niece, Hayle!

This set originally retails for $36 but my boyfriend bought it for only $27.99 + $2.45 TAX (hehe, thanks babe!). I'm really loving all of the items in this set and this left a really good impression on Benefit. I can't wait to try out more items by them!

Until then, see yah! 


  1. I'm not too big on Benefit, but I like their Erase Paste & their Porefessional!

    1. why aren't you a big fan? :/

      oh yes yes yes! i am loving their erase paste. it's oh so creamy.

      i have a deluxe size sample of the porefessional; so i'll try that out soon.


  2. I love benefit. It's one of my favorite brands so far. I have a post on erase paste, and their they're real mascara on my blog. You may want to check it out! It's right below the last one I did. I love your blog doll! XOXOX :)

    1. i just read your post! excellent job :)

      you should do a comparison of they're real and bad gal!

      I have bad gal but haven't tried it out yet.

      Thanks! :D

  3. I heart Benefit too :) I'm a huge fan of their Benetint. It was the first product I ever purchased from them. Its a stain for cheeks and lips. High beam makes an awesome highlighter tooo! :)

    1. nice! i wanna get Benetint soon :) just a sample size though because I never finish full size products! ahaha

  4. i love benefit, love their box-o blushes, porefessional, how to look best kit, and the ultra plush gloss (it's so AWESOME, try it and you would be very very happy)

    erase paste is still on my wishlist, and i curious, will erase paste in medium fit nc 25 skintone?
    thank you ;)