Review and Swatch: Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper in Milan

Your lips look full and kissable with our top-selling tinted lip plumper. Cool mint and ginger plus special peptides give moisture and visible plumping that lasts.
  • Unique, time-released peptides have been shown to increase hydration and stimulate collagen synthesis
  • Spearmint and peppermint oils, in combination with ginger root extract, gently stimulate circulation making lips fuller, faster 
  • Shea butter, sunflower oil and aloe vera soften and hydrate
  • Essential oils of lemon and tangerine help to exfoliate dead skin cells

Swatched on my hand.
On my lips.

Application: 4/5
Count me in with all of the benefits that they listed on their site! It was so moisturizing but it DID NOT make my lips fuller. I did feel it tingle but nothing happened. On the other hand, it was very creamy and easy to apply. Definitely going to use this like a chapstick and apply it like cuhhhhrazy!

Wearability: 5/5
I’m 100% positive that you can use it anywhere, anytime, and at any occasion. The color is just perfect and it isn’t too overpowering.

Color: 4.5/5
On the website, Milan is listed as a soft matte pink. I wouldn’t say matte at all but I would describe it as a soft sheer pink.

Packaging: 4/5
Beautiful, sleek, and thin. I love the golden colored tube and the font design. It comes in a regular cardboard (bigger by half the size of the lipstick, which is a complete total waste) with the lipstick inside. It would’ve been nicer if they used less cardboard.

Price: 4/5
Original Value: $25
Price I Paid: $2.68

Whoaaa, $25 for this thing? No way Jose! I wouldn’t even spend more than $10 for this thing.

Overall: 22/25 = 86% (B+)
I liked it but not for the price of $25. Thank goodness that I only got this for $2.68. Well worth the price and I will be definitely using it a lot. I really like the sheer application and it is really really REALLY moisturizing. I would love to pick up another one, but not at that price point!


  1. I love how it looks on your lips. Very nice color! I can't believe how little you paid!! LOL!