Glossybox - August 2012 (Pure Luxury)

A balmy summer has come to a close and your body is in need of genuine TLC. Pamper yourself in this month's GLOSSYBOX by nourishing your body from head to toe with rich, technologically-advanced products infused with vitamins, natural oils and sublime color. The exquisite selection of cosmetics will preserve your sun-kissed beauty, leaving you looking healthy and radiant. As the season comes to an end, wrap yourself in pure luxury.

Biolage | ExquisiteOil Replenishing Treatment
This treatment is a versatile serum infused with a Moringa Oil Blend. This ultimate potion gives  instant shine and weightless replenishment to all hair types.
Sample Received: .5 mL / 16 fl. oz

You can use these in so many ways like before/after shampooing your hair, putting them on your ends overnight, or even as a heat protectant. To be honest, I like using these things when my hair is damp after a shower. I just apply it to the mid length of my hair all the way down to the ends.

Ellis Faas | Ellis Lips in L204
The lightweight and long-lasting lip products come in three fabulous textures: creamy lips for a matte finish, milky lips for a gloss finish and glazed lips for a touch of color. They are paraben-free, loaded with Vitamin E and blend into the lips leaving them soft and conditioned.
Sample Received: 

I can't believe how much they cost! $35 a piece? Oh my... Anyways, I received it in the shade of L204 which is described as a burnt orange on their website. I would describe it as a brownish orange with a slight tint of red with a lot of golden shimmer. It's a unique color and I've never own anything like this. I just don't know how I feel about it yet. It's kinda okay though because I didn't receive the brown one in my box :)

Illamasqua | Nail Varnish in L204
Award-winning, extremely headwearing and chip-resistant, there's an Illamasqua Nail Varnish for every shade of humanity. Apply two coats for extra intensity. Make a statement and talk with your hands!
Size Received: 

A beautiful peach color yet it hard to work with. I tried working with it twice, the first time I applied 2 coats and it took forever to dry. The second time I applied it, I used one white coat and one coat of the shade I received (which is pictured above). It really helps when I put a white coat first because I just need to apply the peachy color once and it's opaque PLUS it dried quickly.

Ole Henriksen | Truth Serum
This high powered vitamin C complex helps smooth out lines and wrinkles, fights environmental aggressors and keeps your moisturized, nourished and protected. Apply mornings and evenings.
Size Received:

It's thick and you don't need to use much of this to cover your whole face. It also has a pleasant citrus scent. I haven't noticed anything different because I just started using it but there are so many good reviews out there so I have a lot of hope for this product.

Touch in Sol | Feel like Honey Moon Skin Base
Apply this fantastic primer after your skincare routine and before your makeup. Its honey texture firms and revitalizes the skin and allows for a better makeup application.
Size Received:

The packaging is adorable! I really like the box and it's so cute. Anyways, this is moisturizing yet you can use this as a makeup primer. It makes my face really nice and soft and I love that! Look at that sample size too!!

This box was such a hit because I received a full size nail polish (originally retail for $14) and a full size lip product (originally retail for $35). I also got everything that I will be using and I love all of the items I received. Even though I'm still eh about the BURNT orange, I'll still wear it or find another solution to make it more wearable. I really hope that the next box is a hit too! :)

PS. I will update the sizes later on tonight.


  1. Wow, I've been loving all the glossy boxes this past month! :)

    1. they are nice! :) the price point kinda sucks though.. especially with the shipping..

  2. I'm not subscribed to Glossybox but I always love seeing what people get in their boxes.
    The shade of the Illamasqua nail polish is gorgeous!

    1. thank you so much! i really do love the peach nail polish :) it isn't worth the original retail price though because of the application.