Review and Swatch: Urban Decay Vice Palette

Are you willing to pick up this palette with 20 new shades?
I did!!
Keep on reading to see what I think about it.

Twenty never-before-seen shades in one insanely gorgeous palette! Shadow junkies, prepare to get addicted.


If eyeshadow is your vice, the Vice Palette is your fix. Loaded with 20 never-before-seen shades you won’t find anywhere else, this insanely gorgeous palette is ALL about eyeshadow. With a mix of mattes, satins, shimmers, neutrals and brights, the range of shades is unreal—from breathtaking gold to shimmery green to jet-black satin. Plus, each Eyeshadow features our brand new Pigment Infusion System™, the proprietary blend of ingredients that gives every shade its velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power and blendability.

All that eye candy comes in a sleek purple soft-touch case topped with a jeweled UD icon. With the push of a button, the slow-opening lid dramatically reveals all 20 shades, plus a large mirror and a double-ended Good Karma Shadow and Crease Brush. Shadow junkies, prepare to get addicted.”

EXTRA protection.

jeweled "UD" + button to open palette

jeweled "UD"

It’s packaged in a purple rubbery felt case with the sparkled jewel “UD” raised on top. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I love how small and portable it is! I also love that there is an amazing full size mirror (none of that cheap stuff, if you know what I’m saying!). With just a hit of the button, the palette opens up and the mirror automatically stands up by itself. So, there’s no need to hold the mirror while applying makeup. How cool is that?! Inside the palette you will find 20 brand new eye shadows and a double-ended brush (Good Karma Shadow & Crease Brush). 

Double-ended brush

With 20 new shades, I expect a big bang! And, we definitely get that in this palette. The eye shadows have amazing pigmentations (even though I did swatch all of them over UDPP). But of course there were a couple of problems... what do you expect?

Jagged is such a beautiful shade but there was so much fall-out because of the chunky glitter in it. The pigmentation was great but not amazing as the rest of the shades.

Provocateur was such a huge mess yet such a beautiful shade. It just feels so loose that it’s going to fall apart anytime soon. I’m so disappointed in this shade. I need to be careful with this one. If I ever drop this palette, this shade would be the first to shatter.

Noise has glitter in it but there was barely any when I tried using it. There were minimal flecks of glitter here and there but on the palette, it looks like specks everywhere. Maybe it just wasn’t mixed well.

Those 3 shades were the only problems that I have encountered with throughout the whole palette. The rest of the eye shadows were smooth and buttery and glided on without problem. Of course, the pigmentation was there. I’m really digging the shades too!

Desperation – Gray-ish brown
Muse – Dark golden brown
Jagged – Olive brown w/ chunky glitter
Blitz – Golden yellow
Penny Lane – Peachy orange

Junkie – Blue teal with a tiny hint of golden shimmer
Chaos – Matte royal blue
Occupy – Blue-ish Gray
Unhinged – Light teal
Black Market – Dark black SLIGHTLY brown

Provocateur – Light pink with huge chunks of glitter
Rapture – Gray-ish purple
Vice – Medium Purple
Noise – Bright Pink
Armor – Gray-ish Taupe Brown

Nevermind – Golden bronze
Echo Beach – Light gold
Anonymous – Matte Ivory
Freebird – Very light pink
Laced – Matte light pinkish-gray

Original Retail: $59
Size: 20 x 0.8g / 20 x 0.03 oz

Urban Decay scores again with another awesome palette! I definitely think that it’s worth the $59 + shipping because you get what you’re paying for! There are 20 brand new eye shadows and a double-ended brush which is amazing for the price. The packaging is also adorable and portable with a nice full sized mirror. I really like the rubber finish on the case and I didn’t experience any “dirty” packaging yet. The jeweled “UD” definitely adds a nice touch including the push of a button to open the palette up. Of course there are some minor problems but they can be easily fixed. I really think that Urban Decay did a good job on this palette!

Are you going to pick this up or will you pass?

Keep an eye out for a shade comparison post to see if the Vice Palette is similar to other Urban Decay’s eye shadows.

Thanks for reading! :]


  1. Oh no! This palette is haunting me! It's so beautiful........
    Great look with the shadows Vicky!

    1. kehehe go buy it :P

      thanks! I was suppose to create another one but I have so many dirty brushes >.< time to clean them ahaha

  2. This was a great review and i love this palette and its colors however i think i may pass because while i love their colors and quality i have a lot of these colors already. Thank you for the amazing swatches and review.

    1. keep an eye out for a comparison post.. =)

      after comparing all of the colors, I would still pick up this palette because of the value!

      thanks for stopping by!

  3. I really want this palette but I don't know how I can possibly get it in Australia :(

    1. that's such a tough one! maybe pay someone in america to send it over? (even though it would be really expensive)! =/ i know that ships to australia but i'm really unsure if they will have the vice palette.

      best of luck to you! & thank you so much for following my blog <3

  4. Couldn't agree more... Thumbs up on the review and thank you for dropping by... :)

  5. Really beautiful palette, can't wait to get mines! :)