Review and Swatch: Urban Decay Skull Palette

Urban Decay Skull Palette

I bought this palette a while back and now I'm finally reviewing it!
Come check it out ;]

Urban Decay Skull Palette

“Nine of Urban's best-selling eyeshadows in an electric silver mirrored compact with skull. For rock star cool without the perils of a rock star lifestyle, put this year's shadow box in your pocket book.
Nine of Urban's best-selling eyeshdaows in an electric silver mirrored compact. Seen in fashion circles everywhere, and even worn by mommies, the skull gives rock and roll edge to everyday items. 

We've reinterpreted it on our ever-popular shadow box in a way that embodies our "feminine, dangerous, fun" mantra. For rock star cool without the perils of a rock star lifestyle, put this year's shadow box in your pocket book.”

It’s a very thin palette including 9 of Urban Decay’s best-selling eye shadows. The packaging is beautiful because it has a metallic silver look with a pink skull on the bottom left corner with their name, Urban Decay, on the bottom right. The back is plain with the metallic silver material BUT they did include a separate paper including the pictures of the 9 eye shadows and name +ingredients and other information. There is a magnetic closure on the palette and when you open it you can see the mirror on side and on the other side the 9 eye shadows and 1 applicator. 

Information Card.

The Skull.

Applicator + 9 Eye Shadows

All of the eye shadows were buttery soft and easy to apply. There was some fall out with some of the glitter eye shadows but I was expecting that. The pigmentation as always was very excellent.

The 9 beautiful shades in this palette are:

Cherry, Midnight Cowboy Rises Again, and Grifter.

Cherry – Light pink (almost looks white) with sparkle
Midnight Cowboy Rises Again – Pink Champagne with a TON of glitter
Grifter – Sheer Lavender with glitter

Vert, Oil Slick, and Shattered.

Vert – Shimmery Green
Oil Slick – Matte Black with assorted glitter
Shattered – Duotone Light blue with gold

Blunt, Chopper, and Twice Baked.

Blunt – Golden Champagne
Chopper – Shimmery Copper
Twice Baked – Chocolate Brown

Original Retail: $36
How Much I Paid: Free (Since my little sister KIMMY gave me a giftcard to UD) but $12 on SALE
Size: 0.8 g / 0.03 oz X 9 eye shadows

I already own a lot of Midnight Cowboy Rises Again, Chopper, and Twice Baked so I was happy to get those shades again but the other ones that I didn’t have are BEAUTIFUL! I really love Blunt, Grifter, Shattered, and Vert a lot in this palette. I wouldn’t have picked this up for the price of $36 because I tend to get stuff on sale but I’m really happy that I picked this palette up though because it was well worth the $12 (even though I used a giftcard). Go pick it up because Urban Decay has other great things on their sales section!! And… as you all know, I love Urban Decay!!

I'm sorry that I didn't include any eye looks in this review BUT..

What are your favorite items from Urban Decay?


  1. Wow Vert is such a unique shade! love it x

  2. great post! Urban decay never seems to disappoint :)

    New follower, follow back?

    1. urban decay hasn't disappointed me yet ;) haha i don't follow for follow but i will definitely check out your page <3

  3. Replies
    1. definitely one of my favorites in this palette.. can't go wrong with more golds ;)

  4. Lovely colours!

  5. Wow what a cute package. New follower xxx Rose

  6. beautiful shades..<3 i love this palette.

  7. All the shades look so pigmented. and love the packaging~~
    Thx for the swatches!

  8. Gorgeous pallette and great post! I've started following you!

    Jo x amomentwithjo

  9. I love urban decay, I think they use the same shades in a lot of their palettes. I hope something new is out for xmas!


    1. their holidays sets are already out.. i dont think that they will put more stuff out

  10. I love UD shadows so much! Vert is a great shade of green!

  11. If only urban decay palettes were all found here and on sale, I think they'd all of out of stock! i like the packaging but I don't think I'd be getting much use of all those shades, I'm dying for the deluxe shadow box which I shall be ordering soon with my moms help! yay !^^

    1. im a huge makeup collector since i barely use any but i really love lip products.. i believe that the deluxe shadow box in the US is on sale at the nordstrom racks!