Review and Swatches: It Cosmetics My Sculpted Face

Contouring has taken the makeup community by storm!

It’s so common for the average person to use this technique since MOST people want chiseled cheekbones, a slim nose, a small forehead, and overall a sculpted defined face. It’s also not a surprise that it’s now easy to find contouring products ranging from drugstore to high end departments.

Today, I have a review on It Cosmetics’ My Sculpted Face Palette – if you’re interested please keep on reading to see what I truly think of this palette!

“My Sculpted Face teaches you step by step how to contour features of your face for the appearance of a slimmer look, a straighter nose, slender cheeks, more prominent cheekbones and even the appearance of a reduced double chin! These 6 waterproof shadows are packed with Vitamin E and Jojoba oil to help your skin appear more moisturized and healthy at the same time!

This palette is made out of thin cardboard – to be honest, cheap compared to the Anastasia Contour Kit – only good thing about this palette are the double mirrors inside (one of them is 5x amplified). Inside of the palette includes a personal reference chart sleeve (not pictured) and there are 2 highlighters – one matte and one shimmer plus 4 contour shades. 

The textures of the highlight and contour shades are so soft and smooth – they’re so soft that they sometimes crumble and turn into a powdery mess. I don’t know if it’s just my palette or what but 2 of my powders are already broken (keep in mind that I have a) never dropped it b) never travelled with it) plus I ALWAYS set my makeup products down on my desk when I’m using them – it’s pretty sad because now I just end up with a crumbly mess every time I use those 2 shades. It’s a waste of product but with a tap of my brush all the excess powder is gone and it goes back to a blendable pigmented powder that is absolutely easy to blend out. I’m unsure if it’s waterproof but it is also very long-lasting.

Here is how I use all 6 shades:
  • Matte Highlighter – setting powder
  • Shimmery Highlighter – under brow bone, bridge of nose, top of cheekbones, cupid’s bow, a little bit on the chin and forehead, eyelids, and inner corner of the eyes
  • Neutral Toned Medium Contour – around face and cheek bones; nose (rarely)
  • Pink Toned Medium Contour – around face and cheekbones
  • Tan Medium Contour – cheekbones, jawline
  • Dark Brown Contour – eyebrows

Left to Right - Matte Highlighter, Shimmery Highlighter, Neutral Toned Medium Contour, Pink Toned Medium Contour, Tan Medium Contour, and a Dark Brown Contour


Price – $38

Size – 15.28 g / 0.54 oz

*I received this from a makeup gift swap by my amazing friend Jacqulene!

The It Cosmetics My Sculpted Face is a “true” contour palette. It creates an illusion of shadow that slims down the face and creates that contoured effect. I absolutely love it even though I am quite sad that it breaks so easily. Other than that, I can see myself buying another one if and when this runs out. The ease of use, pigmentation, and textures of the products are wonderful and I actually use this palette more than BOTH of my Anastasia Contour Kits ( I just wished that they would amp up their packaging and make the pans magnetized with a sturdier palette. Overall, this is definitely a big hit – plus it’s only $38 so I definitely have no complaints! I would highly suggest you guys to go run out to Ulta and grab this wonderful highlighting and contouring kit.

Here I am wearing the matte highlighter (setting powder), shimmery highlighter (under brow bone, bridge of nose, top of the cheek bones, and the cupid's bow), neutral and pink toned medium contour (around the face, crease of the eye, and cheekbones), and the tan medium contour shade (defining the cheekbones).

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  1. Wow, that is amazing! I have to look into that ;) Thanks

  2. The colors look really nice, but I'm not the most careful with my makeup. I have dropped my uni palette so many times and that's more sturdy than this It Cosmetics palette. I would be too scared to use this in case it shattered.