Review and Swatch: Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Beauty's Touch, Amber Nectar, and Hermosa

An all in one product that claims to be a highlighter, bronzer, and blush.
How awesome does that sound?!
Come check it out.

“An ultra-smooth, multi-color blush, bronzer & highlighter. Gives skin a hint of color with a lit-from-within radiant healthy glow.

Suitable for all skin types and tones.

Use as highlighter for a brighter complexion with a lit-from-within radiant glow.

Use as a bronzer or blush for an instant healthy, sunkissed finish.

*For best results use a kabuki style brush.

It comes in a sturdy golden round compact case with a clear cap showing off the beautiful rose bouquet designs. It’s so pretty! How can you resist?! On the back it shows you how to use it too! How neat is that? :)

These are very sheer, so don’t expect a lot of pigmentation out of these babies. BUT, you can easily build up the colors to a certain extent. It’s very soft and buttery, making it so easy to blend out. The product gives such a beautiful soft glow and I can’t believe that it’s a drugstore product!

Beauty’s Touch – Cotton baby pink

Amber Nectar – Peachy pink

Hermosa – Golden Peach

Original Retail: $8.99 for 0.35 oz/10 g
How Much I Paid: $0.00 (Thanks Milani!)

The smell was overpowering so I didn’t use it the first time I opened it. It was a strong cinnamon scent and I wasn’t very fond of it so I threw it back in my ‘to review’ drawer. A couple of weeks later and now I’m reviewing it. The scent is still there but it isn’t strong like the first time I opened it.

The product is beautiful and I love how they really paid attention to the fine details. The rose pattern detail lasts for a while, even after using the product a couple of times. It’s so pretty to use but I had to use it!

I also dropped one of them by accident and it survived! No scratches, cracks, or anything on the case or product. Amaaazing!

I really love this stuff because it just gives off that subtle glow. I can also use it as a highlighter and/or blush. So, it’s definitely two thumbs up for this amazing drugstore product.


  1. I almost bought one of these at Target the other day, but put it back, maybe I'll give it a second look.

    1. it's really really pretty! the only problem was the scent.

  2. I have been looking for those but I couldn't find anywhere! They look so pretty :)

  3. I have Amber Nectar and I love it :) Check out, gave you an award!