Review and Swatch: Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection

Had this palette since April but haven't touched it yet...
A couple of months later I'm doing a review! Check it out :]

"With just the right balance of neutrals and brights, darks and lights, the 15 Year Anniversary Palette is both versatile and the ultimate collection for the Urban Decay junkie. The collectible gunmetal box features a luxe faceted jewel "UD" on the cover and an eye-grabbing laser-cut filigree design on the sides. Inside, the shadow tray can be pulled up and out to reveal a velvet-lined compartment that can be used to stash jewelry or other personal mementos."

Beautiful, luxurious packaging that caught my eye! It was definitely love at first. There are beautiful “laser cut filigree design on the sides” and there is also a “secret” compartment underneath the shadows (you can store brushes or even $$$). I really like that because that means that you can store things underneath and re-use the box when you’re done. I love the purple velvet and the purple jeweled “UD” on the top of the case. The FULL-SIZE mirror is huge and covers the whole inside lid area. The packaging is absolutely stunning. The only problem? Finger prints!!!

The color pay off is awesome! They’re mostly all easy to work with too since they’re so soft and smooth. The only shade I had trouble with was Blackout. It was dry and it was kinda difficult to pick up the color (hence MESSY swatch). I was surprised because that same shade was in my Naked 2 and there was a lot of excess fall-out (so much fall-out that I had to contact UD about it b/c it was making my palette VERY dirty). The other shade would have to be Evidence because it just didn’t feel as smooth as the rest BUT still very pigmented. Anyways, all of the colors are beautiful and very versatile ranging from neutrals to bold shades!

Midnight Rodeo – Light brown with finely milled silver glitter
Tainted – Matte light pinkish lavendar
Deeper – Dark chocolate bronze

Midnight 15 – Pearl white
Junkshow – Bright pink
MIA – Dark brown

Vanilla – Golden white
Omen – Bright blue-ish purple
Ace – Dark blue-ish gray

Flow – Light peach
Evidence – Dark blue
Blackout – Dark black

Chase – Golden bronze
Deep End – Bright mermaid blue
Half Truth – Dark purple (slight gray)

Original Retail: $55
How Much I Paid: $59.81 (including shipping and tax)
Size: 15 eye shadows x 0.05 oz (FULL SIZE EYE SHADOWS)

I’m so glad that Sephora put this back on sale a while back (not sale as in a cheaper price but back in the market). I finally made a review for this palette because I’ll be reviewing the VICE palette soon since it’s coming in today!!! Anyways, I love this palette! I’m so glad that I have it. I wasn’t into makeup when this came out but when I looked at various reviews I fell in love. This palette definitely doesn’t disappoint so I’m glad that I have it! It’s absolutely gorgeous and well worth the money since all of them are full sized eye shadows.

Here's a simple eye look:

Lid - Chase
Crease - Junkshow
Highlight - Vanilla
Mascara - Cargo's Triple Action
Water line - Urban Decay's Underground 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Do you own this palette? Which is your favorite shade?


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  2. your review makes me feel like I-Want-This-Palette-In-My-Life :D

    is this still available at Sephora?

    Love and respect,

  3. The packaging is soo nice...n love the mermaid blue and dark pink shades... )

  4. I realized that I should get this palette, except that they don't pretty much have it here- except on ebay. Its way expensive!

    1. yeah its expensive because they no longer sell it D;