Merry Christmas!


to all of my lovely amazing followers! I didn't expect to get much followers on my blog because it was just a little hobby that I started in the middle of 2012 but I've grown so much and I'm very thankful that I have people reading my posts, commenting on it, and even asking me for help (even though I am not a pro at all).

I just wanted to wish you guys a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Be safe and happy holidays!


  1. Merry Chrismas!!! Hope you have a beautiful day! Xoxi

    1. thank you! i work from 9AM-9PM (still at work) but I love working.. some people don't have a place to eat during the holidays (that's why my parents always open the restaurant even though its the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas!) =D <3 thank you for being an awesome subbie of mine!