Review and Swatches: Smashbox "Click You're It" Holiday Eye Palette for 2011

Smashbox - Click You're It.

Got this palette for Christmas from my little sister! =)
Here is my review on what I think about Smashbox's Holiday Palette from last year..

“Smashbox Colllection of 15 Shadows and 5 Cream Eyeliners, Plus Mini Photo Finish Lid Primer. Amazing array of glistening colors and matte to make up dark eyes, romantics eyes and more.

Smashbox - Click You're It.

It comes in a plain sturdy gossy apple red cardboard box holding 15 eye shadows and 5 cream liners (which can also be used as a base). The palette also includes a mini primer, mirror, and 3 flimsy front and back look cards (which makes 6 looks in total). The eye shadows do not have individual names and are just listed as numbers. I don’t find anything too creative with the whole packaging and it looks kinda cheap! I just wish that they put A LITTLE bit of effort into the packaging aspect and the palette’s name is kinda cheesy (“Click You’re It”). I do like that the box can be re-used since you can lift the bottom portion which holds the eye shadows/cream eyeliner tray. A strong magnet keeps it shut tight and it is easy to open.

Glossy Red Packaging

SMASHBOX - Click You're It.

Look Cards.

The eye shadows were pigmented but they didn’t wow me at all. Most of them were smooth and buttery and easy to blend but there was some fall out. I had to pack some of the shade on to my eyelids to make them look vibrant but other than that the eye shadows were good quality. The cream eyeliners were heavily raved about and I was so excited to try them out! Sad to say but I’m not impressed with them either. They smear quite easily since they don’t set unless you put powder eye shadow on top but don’t use these alone (like the Maybelline Color Tattoos). These are great for eyeliners but don’t expect these babies to be waterproof! 

15 Eye Shadows, 5 Cream Liners, and 1 Mini Primer.

1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

1. Matte Light Pinkish Beige
2. Shimmery Light Pink
3. Shimmery Silver
4. Matte Light Peachy Yellow
5. Matte Ivory

6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

6. Shimmery Golden Pink
7. Medium Fuchsia
8. Medium Gunmetal Gray
9. Orange with Gold Shimmers
10. Golden Yellow

11, 12, 13, 14, and 15.

11. Shimmery Taupe
12. Medium Dark Purple
13. Navy Blue
14. Golden Brown
15. Olive Green

16, 17, 18, 19, and 20.

16. Creamy Medium Purple
17. Creamy Black
18. Creamy Navy Blue
19. Creamy Medium Chocolate Brown
20. Creamy Golden Yellow

Original Retail – $49

Eye Shadows - .97 oz / 27.6 g
Cream Eye Liners – 0.24 oz / 7.05 g
Mini Photo Finish Lid Primer – 0.02 fl. oz / 0.5 mL

It’s a good palette but it doesn’t get me excited like “OMG I MUST HAVE THIS PALETTE AND SHOW EVERYBODY HOW AMAZING IT IS!!!” I do love it since my little sister Kimberly gave me this present for Christmas. I just wish that the cream liners had a better formulation so that they can set and not smear so quickly but they eye shadows weren’t all that bad. This would be a great palette for anyone who wants to build they’re collection or for anyone starting off with makeup since it comes with look cards, mini primer, 15 eye shadows, and 5 cream liners (which can be used as a base cream eye shadow). They can work a bit on the formulation and packaging but there are a variety of gorgeous eye shadows.

Here is an eye-look from one of their look cards using the shades #2, #7, #12, and #17.

Eye Look from one of the Look Cards.

#2 - Lash to Brow Bone
#7 - All over lid; blend up
#12 - Line lower lash and upper lash line.
#17 - Line upper lash line

Do you own anything from Smashbox?

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  1. such a gorgeous variety of colours! You're so lucky to have got it for Christmas :) fun size beauty

    1. there were a variety of shades to play around with! i believe that everyone is lucky ;)

  2. GREAT in depth review with swatches and lots and lots of pictures! it's hard to find people that do really in depth reviews now-a-days :) maybe it's just but reviews can take me quite a while, so i can feel for you!

    1. thanks emily! to be honest.. it doesn't take me that long.. i just need good lighting and some time to think and i'm done within 2-3 hours =) it's really fun so i don't find it boring or painful :D

  3. Great review! And beautiful colors... You've got a lot to play around with there! xx

  4. Those colors are pretty cute. Haven't used much Smashbox.

  5. Gosh! Beautiful palette..these colours. the look one the eye is very amazing..*-*

  6. very nice product , beautiful look & great post (:

    1. the eye look cards were too plain! but thank you :]