Just Purchased: MORE Real Techniques' Brushes!!!

I just ordered more Real Techniques brushes since I LOVED the Starter Kit...

I found a really good deal so I ordered over 6 brushes + 1 of their sets.

Keep on reading to see which ones I got and how much! :)

(There are pictures too!)

-Blush Brush (Original Value: $9)
-Setting Brush (Original Value: $8)
-Stippling Brush (Original Value: $10)
-Expert Brush (Original Value: $9)
-Foundation Brush (Original Value: $8)
-Powder Brush (Original Value: $10)

-Core Collection (Original Value: $18)
     -Detailer Brush
     -Pointed Foundation Brush
     -Buffing Brush
     -Contour Brush

Original Value: $72 (not including tax + s&h)
How Much I Paid: $38.10 (including tax + s&h)

I paid HALF of the original price on ALL of these brushes.
I'm so happy and I can't wait to get them.


  1. So lucky! I'm jealous of the deals! Where did you order it from?

    1. I ordered it from Sneakpeeq :) the deal is over but I'm pretty sure that they will have it again. I lovee their brushes!

  2. Lucky you!!Envyyy..!!
    Please do the review on each brushes,I want to know especially the setting brush one :)

    1. i will post them up soon! i have so many reviews to do! keep an eye out :]