Review and Swatch: Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint in Enchanted

Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint in Enchanted.

My first Tarte product!

These anticipated natural gel lip tints are an extension to our best-selling and award-winning cheek stains and like our iconic stains each emotive, peppermint-infused shade glides on smooth for a natural flush that will stay all day. 

Earth engineered from a proprietary blend of plant bio-nutrients, our LipSurgence™ technology quickly absorbs into the skin delivering a surge of moisture on a cellular level, effectively and naturally increasing skin's water content for a 'plumped up' appearance. The result is naturally fuller, healthier lips without any irritation or stinging. 

Simple w/ a nice design.

It’s a jumbo lip pencil made out of plastic with a twistable bottom to move the product up or down the tube. The cap is silver and I really like how you can attach the cap to the bottom base. It also has a basic font but there’s a nice design by the product’s shade. On the tube, they also put the size and other information.

More Information.

Twistable Bottom Base & Cap Fits There!

It’s very easy to apply since it has a gel consistency. I really like how moisturizing it was with that light scent of peppermint. It didn’t tingle my lips or make my lips appear any much fuller than it already is. I thought that it was going to be more pigmented like the Revlon ones but surprisingly it was less pigmented. I’m really shocked considering that these are $24 a piece!

These only lasted 4 hours on me! The jelly feeling in the beginning lasted for 2 hours and the rest was that pinkish red stain. You can tell when the time is up because it felt like my lips were drying up. Again, I’m really shocked since they cost $24!! I don’t mind reapplying them though since it’s so easy.

Swatched on my hand (excuse the dry hand)!

Enchanted – Soft Pinkish Rose

On my lips.

Original Retail: $24
How Much I Paid: $11.71 (including shipping& tax)
Size: 3 g / 0.10 oz

I love the shade Enchanted but I just wish that it was packed with more pigmentation. I was very disappointed with how long it lasted on me (considering that it’s $24 EACH). I found them to be very moisturizing but towards the end my lips felt dry. I would buy these again but only if I got an awesome deal on it. I have 2 more shades to review (Charm and Joy).

Do you own any of these? If so, which ones are your favorites? If not, would you pick these up and why?

Like always, thanks for reading! :]


  1. Great review! :)
    Also, your lips are beautiful, ahah.

    1. awws! thank you so much reading! :)

      & thanks for following my blog!!

  2. This looks amazing! Have you got the Revlon kissable lip stain? I heard they are very comparable to this.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. You have an awesome blog here, new follower:)

    1. i stated the revlon thing above ^ :)

      thanks for following!!

  3. This color is going to be coming with the Tarte Set I ordered from Sephora! lol.

    1. i'm gonna order that set when Sephora has their 20% off sale.. these thingys are alright.

    2. I was going to do that, but last year when Sephora had the Tarte set for $29, it sold out before the F&F sale! I think I'm waiting for the F&F sale from Sephora to get the Vice Palette because I purchased so many other things & the Benefit Lip Gloss set from Sephora!

    3. I still don't know what to get when they have their F&F sale..

      I don't really need the set or anything at all.. just wants.. haha

      but yes UD <3

  4. hi! thanks for dropping by my blog - im a new follower now :)
    there are a number of similarities (like the minty smell) with the Tarte and the Revlon lip crayons. i really like this color on you though.
    i hope you have a better experience with the other colors!

    1. yay! i love reading new blogs and i'm always searching for them :) thank you so much for following me!

      i do agree with the similarities but the prices are totally different.. and i was expecting more out of tarte! :[ but yes I really do hope that I love the other 2 that i have.

      once again, thank you so much <3

    2. no prob. thanks for returning the favor!
      i would expect more from Tarte too with the huge price difference. i've seen a swatch of Joy - i love coral-y colors right now so excited to see your review soon :)

    3. any time!

      i'll review joy next :)

  5. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog^^

    I never use Lip tint before. What i know it's not easily smudge. What lip tint brand that you recommend me to wear? Appreciate ur help :)

    1. Hi ;) thanks for visiting mine! It all depends on the person so i dont want to recommend something and then it wont work :/