Review and Swatch: Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Luminous Foundation (135) & Illusionist Concealer (030)

Atmosphere Luminous Foundation in 135 and Illusionist Concealer in 030

Here is another review on more Vapour Organic Beauty products..
This time I’m reviewing their foundation and concealer sticks!
So please come and take a look to see if this is the right product for you :]

Atmosphere Luminous Foundation in 135

“Effortlessly achieve the look of radiant, healthy skin and a more even complexion with Atmosphere Luminous Foundation. Atmosphere is like nothing you’ve ever tried—a foundation you’ll adore wearing. Atmosphere Luminous is designed for normal, dry, mature and sensitive skin. It gives a luminous, glowing, natural finish and comes in a NEW precision stick for maximum control.

 and Illusionist Concealer in 030

“Illusionist quickly and effectively perfects the skin’s trouble spots. It covers dark circles and blemishes effortlessly and blends beautifully in combination with all Vapour foundation formulas.
Illusionist has a high pigment load for areas that need extra coverage. It will not deposit in lines and does not clog pores. Illusionist’s light touch instantly gives the skin a healthier and more even appearance.”

Atmosphere Luminous Foundation (135)

 Illusionist Concealer (030)

Both come in different sizes of tubes and the tubes are different color. They both have label stickers on the bottom and they both have a twistable bottom base to move the product up and down. The foundation stick doesn’t have a V on the top end but the concealer does. The concealer packaging is like their lipsticks and their foundation stick packaging is like their stick blush.

Left: Foundation (without V) / Right: Concealer (with V)

Left: Foundation (without silver band) / Right: Concealer (with silver band)

Prior to using the concealer and foundation, I did not use any moisturizer.
I have dry areas around my nose and ‘stache area and sometimes on my forehead. I really want to show you guys how this concealer and foundation works.

Step One:

I took the concealer and swiped it around my problematic areas like under my eyes, around my nose and around my ‘stache area (since that’s where I break out the most!)

Step Two:

I used my Real Techniques Expert Face brush to blend blend blend the concealer. I have a review coming up for this brush! Let me tell you… it’s amazing!

Here is a before and after picture for the concealer.
As you can see, it lightens my dark circles and redness around my nose/’stache.

Step Three:

After blending my concealer in; I take the foundation stick and swipe it around my whole face (one swipe on my forehead, one swipe down my nose, a couple swipe on my cheeks, and one long swipe on my chin.. Don’t forget to apply some down your neck!)

Step Four:
Like step two, I used the same brush and blended my foundation in.

Here is a picture of my forehead after I’m done blending the foundation in. Excuse the fine lines; I’m getting old. Hahah jk. BUT I should be applying some special magical cream to my big forehead!

Atmosphere Luminous Foundation in 135 – Medium Skin with Yellow/Olive Undertones

Illusionist Concealer in 030 – Pairs with their 130 & 135 Foundation

Here are the swatches of the foundation & concealer on my arm!
To be honest, I thought that the foundation would be way too orange/dark for me but it worked out fine in the end.

-Atmosphere Luminous Foundation ($34)
-Illusionist Concealer ($22)

-Foundation (.34 oz / 9.63 g)
-Concealer (.11 oz / 3.11 g)

So what do I think?
I think that these products are awesome. I would definitely give them 2 thumbs up.
Want to know why? Look at the picture below please!

I don’t use foundations and concealer on a daily basis but look at the before and after picture. You can definitely tell a difference in my face. The foundation gives my face a glowing healthy look. The concealer was also great with covering areas that I were having problems with and you can also see that in the before and after picture. So definitely TWO THUMBS up for these fantastic products! It didn’t dry out my skin and it was really easy to blend everything in. I really want to try their liquid foundation (which can be found here). They have so many great products so you should definitely check them out at!

How does it look on me? Have you ever tried out their foundations or concealers?
After reading my review, are you willing to give them a shot?


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  2. looks amazing on you, it definitely has a glowing effect on your skin. I love the real techniques brush too, I think they're my favourite brushes. Thanks for such a good review!

  3. LOVE that Real techniques brush too! Great post

    Jo x amomentwithjo

  4. Awesome review! I wish that foundation wasn't quite so expensive. It looks amazing!! :D

    1. $34 is a lot for a foundation so i really consider buying their little sample thing so you can try it out first! Thanks for commenting on my blog again lizzy<3 i realy appreciate it!

  5. Glad that you love the foundation! I have been thinking of getting one myself, but the Soft Focus one along with the primer. I find that the concealer does not really work for my eyes area (they settle in the lines).

    I really like the aluminium packaging, I think it's the new one. I hope they change the foundation stick to that one too!

  6. Ooh this looks good, good coverage without being too thick, I've never heard of the brand thi, maybe it's not available in the uk x

    1. they ship via usps :/ hopefully they'll expand one day :)

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