Review and Swatches: Riri Hearts MAC Summer Lipsticks in Heaux, Riri Boy, and Riri Woo.

; Rihanna x MAC = GORGEOUS retro matte lipsticks! Come check out my review on all of the 3 lipstick shades in Heaux, Riri Boy, and Riri Woo that were released online a while back

“This is more than summer love. Rihanna and MAC strike a chord with an online-exclusive colour collection created by the global superstar. Bronze and cool coral combine for a Powder Blush Duo in the unforgettable Hibiscus Kiss, while Retro Matte Lipsticks in Riri Boy, Heaux, and the instant classic Riri Woo make a statement against sheer, shimmering skin highlighted with rose gold Lustre Drops.”

-Keep in mind that I did not purchase the powder blush duo and the luster drops.

Mac Lipsticks' Packaging.

Like usual, the MAC lipsticks comes in a black box. When you open it, you will see “Back 2 MAC” which is one of their on-going programs that mostly everyone knows about. The lipstick comes in their standard shiny black glitter tube with an engraved M.A.C by the opening above the silver stripe. Also on the bottom is the sticker of the finish, name, and date. The only different thing with these lipsticks is Rihanna’s signature on the actual product.

Riri Hearts MAC Summer Lipsticks in Heaux, Riri Boy, and Riri Woo.

This is my first time trying out retro matte and to be honest, it really isn’t that bad at all. I used a lip balm before applying the lipstick and it glided on very smoothly. The only trouble I had was with the shade Riri Boy which I found a bit patchy and a stiff to work with. I usually apply with a lip brush for more control but this time I didn’t and it still looks pretty great! The lipsticks are pigmented and all it takes is one full swipe for full coverage. It definitely stained my lips and lasted around 6 hours for me.

MAC Lipsticks in Heaux, Riri Boy, and Riri Woo.

Heaux – “Matte Berry” – Berry Red

MAC Lipstick in Heaux.

Riri Boy – “Matte Vivid Lavender” – Pinkish Purple

MAC Lipstick in Riri Boy.

Riri Woo – “Matte Cool Red” – Medium Cool Red; HELLO white teeth!

MAC Lipstick in Riri Woo.

Original Retail: $15 EACH

Size: 3 g / 0.1 oz

This was a very nice collaboration with Rihanna and MAC. I’m not a fan of Rihanna’s but it was so hard to resist these beautiful gorgeous shades. I loved all of them and I definitely don’t regret purchasing these at all (big thanks to my little sister for Riri Woo)! I don’t own anything like Riri Boy but nonetheless it’s really pretty and I can definitely see myself wearing it. The lipsticks were pigmented and easy to apply and I don’t really have much complaints. The finish, “retro matte”, was very easy to work with so two thumbs up for that. The finish didn’t dry out my lips but it did last for a very long time which left a stain afterwards. Keep an eye out for the next collection of MAC x Rihanna in October!

…and here are some pictures of myself wearing Heaux and Riri Woo! Apologies for not taking one with Riri Boy; I thought that I took one but couldn’t find it on the memory card (must’ve deleted it or something). Anyways, I’m not wearing any foundation, concealer, or anything on my face in the pictures; simply just the lipstick. ENJOY!

Wearing HEAUX.

Wearing RIRI WOO.

Did you pick up anything from Riri Hearts MAC Summer Collection?

As always, thank you so much for reading! Stay tune for more reviews. I know that I’ve been off and on with my blog for a while but I’ve decided to start reviewing more products since I got a DSLR! I’ll definitely put it to good use so please follow me and comment down below! Thanks!!

(btw - click on the pictures if you want to view them in a larger size)


  1. Oh I love your review! And now I want the riri boy shade! :D


    1. thank you :) i'm not too crazy about Riri Boy but it is pretty!

  2. I'm not that big of a fan of Rihanna too, but I loved the shades she and MAC came out with. I especially love Heaux. It sold out before I was able to buy it though :(

    - Hao

    1. it did? oh darn! better luck next time :( have you seen the fall collection? i'm not too impressed..

    2. I'm not either :( I did see the MAC by Request lipstick colors and I am so in love with Rozz.

  3. I love Riri Woo!! It looks good on you. I want to purchase one but MAC cosmetics are expensive here in the philippines :(

    1. riri woo is really pretty and thank you so much for the kind compliment.. hopefully you can get your hands on one soon.

  4. Riri Boy is amazing! Purple/ plum lipsticks FTW!